Donald A Wong Jr.


Donald A Wong Jr. is a father, partner, relative, entrepreneur, and community member. DWJ is Equity. Since the mid 80’s, Mr. Wong has split time between the west and east coast. Born in Seattle, spending a few childhood years in Los Angeles before moving to Fairfax, VA for grade school, Mr. Wong had been exposed to the advantages of living on both coast. In 1995, Don moved to Las Vegas, NV where instantly as an instinctual entrepreneur, he fell in love with the land and opportunities Las Vegas bolstered. Having an interest in sports and extracurricular activities, Don was motivated to migrate back east for college finishing a double major from The University of Maryland in Communications and Criminal Justice in 2007. During his final semester, sold on freedom, independence, and uncapped income potential, Mr. Wong studied for his insurance and securities licenses to begin his saga within the professional services industry. In 2008, he started his corporation DWJ Holdings. Mr. Wong gained much of his experience in the field navigating the terrains as a business owner. In 2013, Mr. Wong sold his captive insurance agency and decided to go independent creating Cosmopolitan Insurance Group. In 2014, Mr. Wong was recruited by Lincoln Financial to help raise awareness around Financial Literacy. In 2016, Don founded Avanti Realty Group, a lifestyle real estate brokerage. And currently, Don is in the process of founding the first black owned investment advisory firm in Las Vegas, DNA Financial. Most recently, Don has carved a lane for professional services management leveraging over thirteen years of experience within real estate, insurance, and finance helping start ups, entertainers, athletes, and millennials solve problems within the arena of professional services. “Giving people financial literacy and an opportunity for self determination means giving them hope” (J H Bryant). DWJ is committed to the uplifting of black and brown communities by promoting the fundamentals of financial literacy and this will continue to be the focus and life work! No equity, no peace!

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